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Topamax Timeline

Below is a list of important events relating to the drug Topamax:

1979 Topamax is discovered by Ortho-McNeil Neurologics and Noramco, Inc. – both divisions of Johnson & Johnson.

1995 Topamax is approved by the FDA for treatment of epileptic seizures.

2004 FDA approves Topamax for migraine prevention.

2006 FDA approves a generic version of Topamax, called Topiragen, which is distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

2008 A scientific study, published by the American Academy of Neurology, establishes that taking Topamax increases the risk of birth defects.

2009 Topamax manufacturers were accused by the Department of Justice of promoting the drug for unapproved purposes.  As a result, the company reached a settlement, paying $6.14 million in criminal fines, and another $75.37 million for violating the False Claims Act.

2011 Due to various studies showing the harmful birth defects caused by Topamax, on January 21, the FDA requested a scientific review of the side effects of the drug.

2011 The FDA issues a warning for patients taking Topamax.  The warning was raised to Pregnancy Category D, which means there is positive evidence of human fetal risk.

Help if You’ve Used Topamax
cleft lip

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